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massage therapy
massage therapy


Swedish Massage

If you’re looking for some me-time, this is the massage for you.  Light, long strokes will put your muscles and mind at ease.  


Deep Tissue​

If the gym has you feeling tight and stiff, you’re going to need a Deep Tissue massage. Some light stretches and deep muscle work will leave you feeling loose and rejuvenated.


Pre- Natal​ 

Mommies-to-be need lots of love! This massage is for women who are in their second or third trimester. The massage is performed while you're lying on your side. 



The massage to get right before that big event! This massage boosts blood flow to the muscles without increasing flexibility. For example, a marathon runner with increased flexibility and range of motion the day before the big race would feel loose in their own body, potentially hurting their time!

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